1. zach Says:

    really. spooky.

  2. that is pretty pretty pretty Says:

    I love you and stuff, to the point of exhaustion. I am so glad that you do what you do, and then that makes me want to do what I do.

  3. pretty petty Says:

    I love you too and all the rest of that stuff since before you were born till the day I die and probably after that too.

  4. zach Says:

    the day i was dead before you were born and i watched pay-per-view and ate barbecued corn
    everyone said i was like homemade pancakes
    (from scratch or the mix? the mix always the mix)
    n i was like ‘naw, more like a desert island’ but they didn’t understand
    their hands were all sticky with watermelon juice and i thought it was the blood of innocents so i didn’t talk much.
    they were all much bigger than they needed to be and told jokes about relatives in the air force while i asked if the chicken was vegetarian (FISH)
    so then i went home and you were there watching static and flies were all over your dead friend and it was all i could do to say i love you.

  5. The Moon Wont Use the Door Only the Window Says:

    Some Kiss We Want

    There is some kiss we want with
    our whole lives,
    The touch of spirit on the body.
    Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell.

    And the lily, how passionately
    it needs some wild darling! At

    night, I open the window and ask
    the moon to come and press its
    face against mine
    Breathe into

    Close the language- door
    andopen the love window.

    The moon
    won’t use the door, only the window.

  6. Diamond Kid Says:

    You are like the diamond I am studying .. renewing facets of brilliant light…pure, sharp, clear vibrations.

  7. diane di prima Says:

    get your cut throat off my knife