photo by peter hinson, 2008

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  1. johnny bungalow jr. Says:

    visual world not exactly shaped-
    sense of smell, anticipation, senses that
    are not exactly shaped-
    dark shadows casted-
    rat colors with faint hairly smells and pale
    dark spots like those on a transparent sheet
    of celluloid-
    rose color with a glitter and softness that
    is cool and motional-
    the kind of color that does not exist by
    itself but only when it is casted between
    two moving objects-
    the color like a remaining stain of illusion
    on a moving object-
    the color that only happens when movements
    cut the air in a certain way and go immediatly.
    use such color to tint your absent thoughts.
    have absent thoughts for a long tiime.

    1964 summer you know who

    drink fresh pressed beet juice for vitality.