photo by peter hinson, 2008


  1. peter hinson Says:

    dips into a new series..

    thanks to David Sievert for flying.

  2. Zach Hamilton Says:


    Fog from the moon
    Collapsed into an alleyway
    Becomes the fragments of a skeleton
    Staggering through a nightmare of a skeleton
    Knocking through the dust coated boxes in the attic for a window.
    Eyes rest in little puddles after light snow,
    Clams drip from the ceiling
    And cement keeps it all compact, leaking out
    Tunnels, reservoir in the mind, the joints
    Of the morning walkway

    Painful house of years, little haunted
    house staggering, knocking and knocking.


  3. Zach Hamilton Says:

    would you like to work to gether on a photo poetry project, before your work gets too famous?