photo by peter hinson, 2008


  1. selene Says:

    aghhh so beautiful!
    meredith looks like an angel,
    a long time ago..

  2. Merdey-pooh Says:

    Waaah! This is lurvely.

  3. cinza Says:

    I am fascinated

  4. t Says:

    lovely. anise.

  5. cinza Says:

    every time I see this…I am startled by how delicious it is.. imaginative …and I think its edible!

  6. cinza Says:

    again… weeks later .. i visit, see this and fall for the mystery, light, orange…… there is a feeling of american gothic in the standing couple….. the visiting aunt of yesteryear on the right… on the left…someone studying it all from here and now and there and then.. and as always.. I fall in love with you for all you nor I even imagine that will come out and make its appearance in your life.