1. santa claus el pecador Says:

    yup that’s pretty much how i remembered it

  2. Joel Says:

    I love that print in the background. Miller told me about the transfer. Sweet. What would it take to get one?

  3. peter hinson Says:

    thank you!

    I’ll have to check on the pricing, but I believe it was set at either $150 or $200. if you’re interested, I can notify the gallery, etc. however, it would be a little tricky to ship, as it’s largely plaster.

  4. Joel Says:

    If you are amicable to open-source artwork, I’d love to recreate it with the same process. Here is where I would like to hang it:


    The room is a lot different now. We’ve put in hard floors and it is our studio space. I’d like to hang this where the Picasso is (not currently there). As you can see from the photos, Miller put a lot of effort into that corner ;)