1. miss mewer Says:

    surprise to open and see this..
    deer? dog? cow? goat? two species lined up for the same fate ???what??s why?? going on?

  2. peter hinson Says:

    Two cows in Northern Nevada, apparently the same fate. It’s hard to say what exactly happened. Likely, a large truck wasn’t able to stop in time and these fellows bore it’s weight.
    The look in their eyes was… pure. Perhaps a bit too ‘pure’ to publicly post, the expression appeared to be frozen since the time of the incident.

  3. sklt Says:

    these are some fucking photographs right here. good show, old boy. the internets thank you.

  4. tuesday Says:

    when their shit splattered on that lone desert highway as their carcasses fell gracefully to the side of the road in unison, somewhere, a little caterpillar shed a tear. and then i stepped in it. i felt sorry for the vinegar wench who bathed my feet.

  5. Javan Says:

    such a good series

  6. alexis Says:

    dan says
    “those cows are just tired”

  7. Mr. Nightshade Says:

    This is a marvelous image, mister Peter.