1. tuesday Says:

    oh my god.

    spectacluar as per usual.

    i only with i had been there.

    your abilities far exceed my own need for visual stimuli and take me to another place of nesting and heat and grating sking.

    absolutely beautiful.

    you take my breath away.

  2. tuesday Says:


  3. Sean Sumner Says:

    I’ve shit better things than that.


  4. zach Says:

    one time i took a shit that was green man. i don’t think you got anything on that sean.

  5. miss mewer Says:

    It is said there are 3 ways of relating to the mystery
    prayer is one
    a step up from that is meditation,
    the deep centering

    and a step up from that is conversation,
    the inner mysterious call and response that is part of being human –
    We are the conversation.