1. miss mewer Says:

    the wishing well of bricklayers? or uninspired dreamers?

  2. The Well Dwellers Says:

    thank you we needed fresh water

  3. tuesday Says:


    the once was, once could be, once should have been. devestated by man’s own inept tendencies and songs of feeble minded children, violently tearing cattails from the marsh. i loathe you and your thick, carelessly bushy eyebrows, i want to make love to you and your diluted, cracked out dreams. i want to kick you in the face and throat and groin for the things you’ve done. i want to ensure that you never father any children. cafe girls, you’ve been there for years; behind your dingy carboard counter, scratching your spiders out of sight. if i didn’t believe the burn mark you’d leave would be so crass and horrid, i would press my body against yours and say “thank you, you killed my spirit and made me a better me”…

  4. cynical Says:

    that well never had water or could fulfill any dream. Its a hollow promise with no soul