1. myrtle beach Says:

    That would make a nice backdrop for a website.

  2. lxs Says:

    pretty blackness. who took the other photo of you?
    I have been drawing a lot while here in new york. mostly people’s faces.
    a random huge black man in a bar gave me an art lesson on human anatomy and
    graphing where the different body sections go.
    a line thru the abdomen
    thru the center of the eyes.
    I have walked across the brooklyn bridge and
    the williamsburg bridge.
    I think that you should just come here sometime, a long weekend is perfect and
    you would like it.
    I sent you a drunken post card.
    take care.

  3. avocado meltdown Says:

    i don’t want to admit it but the beach never lies.

  4. Harris Says: