1. zach Says:

    i miss the battleship picture… pete you are so page 1

  2. l.e.x. Says:


  3. peter hinson Says:

    zach- battleship picture? ask and you shall receive? I have a present for you.

    lex- I mailed you some baked yams stuffed with candied yams stuffed with mashed yams.

  4. ranged_lust Says:

    heehee I’ll be there thurs.day whether you like it or not. oh and um there is a how shall we say “emergency” on our hands (i dunno maybe you washed your hands since then ;)()

  5. ranged_lust Says:

    you n yr firkin yams…

    PS i have some pretty things to show you

  6. discordgrrl Says:

    if you print this I would love a copy.

    a piece of me will always be in san francisco.

    home. sigh.