1. noele Says:

    really adoring all the different textures. and im a sucker for old, tacky wallpaper…where’d you find this scene?

  2. tuesday Says:

    why don’t we have a creepy, dusty old dining room with walls like that? ornate, high backed chairs covered in sheets, a dining table where scores of lovers have spilled their lustful, agonizing juices, floor planks that squeak under foot and wind and a batty old owl, sitting in the corner, blinking precariously. *sigh*

  3. peter hinson Says:

    Noele- this photo was taken in an abandoned office building in East Berlin. (I’m still sorting through piles of images from the trip!) it was an incredible and odd place… 6 or 7 floors each with a handful of unusual objects, chairs in front of windows, and wonderful peeling wall paper.

    Tuesday- well, we never use the smoking parlor anyway and it already has that awful owl… I’ll find the chairs and you handle the table, ok?

  4. zach Says:

    you international man of mystery you